how it works

You will be surprised how easy it is to enable and customize your slick menu on your website in a few clicks.

Enable It

Enable It

Create a WordPress menu then simply enable Slick Menu and let the magic begins

Customize It

Customize it

Style your menu the way you want it right from the WordPress customizer live preview.

Enjoy It

Enjoy It

Now that your menu is super slick, enjoy it and let your visitors be mesmerized by it!


Here's a small list of features that comes out of the box.

Features Preview

Fully Responsive

Slick menu works on any screen size, simply set a mobile breakpoint and your menu will become responsive whenever the breakpoint has been reached

Unlimited Levels

Create unlimited levels. Slick Menu will beautifully switch between levels. Each level can have it's own options and override global settings.

Level Widths

Each Level can have a different width, useful whether to showcase a fullwidth video, an image or to show rich content via widgets and shortcodes

Icons Library

Select Icons for your menu items from multiple providers: Dashicons, Elusive, Font Awesome, Foundation, Genericons as well as image and SVG icons!

Search Box

Easily enable a global website search box on the main menu level and customize it's look & feel to your liking

Background Images

You can easily add background colours, images, overlays with transparency options to each of your levels which leads to an appealing menu.

Background Videos

Video backgrounds are supported with or without sound. Simply insert a YouTube video ID of your choice! Control video start, end, repeat and opacity settings.


14 creative menu appearing effects, select between overlapping or covering levels and over 45 animations that can be selected to animate menu items.

Scroll To Section

Great feature especially for one pager websites. By simply inserting an anchor tag to your menu item, get a smooth scrolling to your anchored element.

Social Networks

Insert as many social networks as you want, pick a color and an icon for each network from the included Icon library.


Unlimited options and styles!
See for your self how easy it is to create Slick Menus.


Adjusts automatically on any screen size



Each level is independently customizable



Apply Youtube background videos to any level or to the site body. Videos will automatically appear as the menu level opens.



Select between a variety of amazing animations



A huge font selection to choose from



Customize position, size & colors.
Select between 14 different hamburger animation



Dashicons, Font Awesome, Elusive, Genericons, Foundation
Image icons + SVG



Smooth scrolling to your anchored elements.
Great feature for one-page websites.



Are you a theme developer ? The API gives you full control over your menus. Allows you to programmatically open, close or toggle menus. It will also allow you to add event listeners and perform custom actions whenever a menu or a specific level is open.



Ready to Slick Up your website with Slick Menu? Get your copy today!

1 Site


  • Regular Price

3 Sites


  • Bulk Savings: 32%

30 Sites


  • Bulk Savings: 78%
An annual license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.

1 Site


  • Regular Price

3 Sites


  • Bulk Savings: 32%

30 Sites


  • Bulk Savings: 78%
A lifetime license entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription.


These free extensions will help you take your Slick Menus to another level

Slick Menu Social Networks

Social Networks add-on for the Slick Menu plugin that let's you add social networks icons within your menu

Slick Menu Duplicate

This is an add-on for the Slick Menu plugin that easily let's you duplicate menus with all their settings!

Slick Menu Import / Export

This is an add-on for the Slick Menu plugin that easily let's you import / export your menus including demos with all their settings

Slick Menu Dynamic Posts

This is an add-on for the Slick Menu plugin that let's you insert dynamic posts as menu items.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, please visit our online help desk

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, Slick Menu should work properly on any well coded WordPress theme. If your menu is not appearing properly on a specific theme, please notify the theme author.

Will the menu affect my page load?

Absolutely not! We use advanced menu caching techniques that will make your menu load as fast as possible. You also have the option to load menus on demand via AJAX in case you have several menus.

Is it flexible?

Extremely! Lots of options included out of the box. Many Wordpress hooks are available for you to build plugins on top of Slick Menu as well as a Javascript API that let's you control menus via Javascript.

Can I include this plugin within my premium theme ?

Unfortunately no, each domain will require it's own license. More Info